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I work on just one car at a time.  I do not operate a detailing assembly line.  My shop is entirely custom built with the latest LED lighting, security technology, and fully insured to 4 million dollars.  I truly believe that using the best products and equipment available does make a difference in the entire detailing process.  Others will disagree with me, claiming there are more "cost effective" products that work "just as well most of the time".  I do not subscribe to that business model.  The products I use are expensive.  The results they produce for my customers are worth every penny.  

Expert Wet Sanding, Paint Correction, and Polishing.
State of the art technology.  Safe, responsible, stunning results every time.

Removing swirls, scratches, and other paint defects is relatively straightforward, requiring little education or experience.  However, creating a flat, blended, balanced, deeply polished surface requires many years of experience, and extensive knowledge of different paint systems.

For example, it is not necessary to use aggressive compounding to correct moderate to severe defects, as many other local detailers use.  These products can produce dangerous levels of surface heat, potentially damaging the clear coat system.  Wet sanding produces zero surface heat, corrects defects quickly and efficiently, leaving a nice level surface ready to polish.

Paint analysis is also a critical part of the paint correction process.  I use DeFelsko ultra-sound paint thickness gauges to provide readings on all surfaces prior to beginning work.  If there is not enough paint to work with safely I will provide you with a report up front.  Trust technology, not someone's "judgement" or "best guess".

IGL Coatings USA.  Ultimate Interior and Exterior Ceramic Vehicle Protection.
Exclusive Master Certified Diamond Infused Kenzo Installer for Birmingham Metro.

World Class Waxes from Swissvax and Angelwax.

Ceramic coatings are not appropriate in all circumstances.  Cars that are rarely driven, rarely exposed to inclimate weather, classic cars, extremely high value cars, for example, generally should not be coated.  These waxes can easily last 12+ months with proper maintenance.  In addition, no coating will match the balanced depth, reflection, shine, gloss, and overall appearance these products offer.