Birmingham Auto Detailing and Wet Sanding Studio

Fine Automotive Finishing

A Philosophy of Excellence

In addition to 30+ years of experience, I use only the finest products and state of the art equipment the industry has to offer. Does that matter? My clients seem to think so. If you are in a hurry, price shopping, or satisfied with just "okay" results, I am probably not a good fit for you. I take tremendous pride in my work and I will not sacrifice quality. Period.


Mark S. Cox, MAM, Owner/Operator

Signature Services

You come to my custom built shop.

These services usually require a minimum of two days. Expert wet sanding, paint correction and polishing, resin and ceramic protection coatings, Swissvax world class waxes, and fine interiors are just some of my offerings. 

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Mobile Services

We come to your location. 

No reason to run all over town, picking up and dropping off, waiting in line at the automatic car washes. Make it convenient and easy for yourself. Relax.

Complete residential, office, and fleet services are available. We do it right or we do it over! 100% guaranteed.

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