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Expert Paint Correction

cox automotive surfaces

Removing cosmetic paint defects such as swirls, scratches, holograms and the like requires only minimal education, formal training, or experience. 

Creating a level, properly blended, highly polished surface requires many years of experience, proper equipment, knowledge of paint systems, and judgement.

From basic polishing to advanced wet sanding, compounding, and multiple stages of refinement, the results I produce speak for themselves.     

Safe, responsible, stunning results every time. 

Why are your paint correction prices higher than others?
Why is wet sanding superior to other correction methods?
I am not sure how much paint correction I need. Help!
What is included in these services?
The Traditional Grades Of Paint Correction Explained
  • 98%+ defect removal with a truly world class finish.  
  • Paint texture ("orange peel") removal as specified by customer.
  • 1-2 stages of compounding.
  • 4-6 stages of refinement polishing.
  • Generally not intended for vehicles driven on a regular basis.