Signature Services

Perfection. When Even The Best Is Not Good Enough.
These Services Generally Require A Minimum Of Two Days.
Deposits Are Required To Reserve Time Slots.

Expert Award Winning Paint Correction and Polishing

The results I produce speak for themselves.
30+ years of experience in automotive paints. State of the art technology.
All necessary washing, wheel cleaning, industrial fallout removal, claying, vacuuming, glass cleaning, and a finishing sealant are included.
$595.00 - $2495.00 +

Resin and Ceramic Paint Protection Coatings

I offer a wide range of coatings from Dr. Beasley's and 22PLE.
Coatings are available for regular and matt paint finishes, paint protection films, wheels, trims, headlamps, and glass. Package pricing is available.
$395.00 - $1995.00 +
Any necessary paint correction will be quoted upon exception.